March 2008

So a lot has happened since getting back to New York in January. I was offered and accepted a Job with the USO performing with The New York Liberty Bells, a Troupe that performs for the United States Troupes. It is kind of strange me being Scottish and all, and to be honest I was resistant at first, at accepting this job. However, it is proving to suit me down to a T. Being able to use the gifts I have been given in life for a good cause. It is so good to know you are helping people even if it is in such a small way. I think it is going to be very good for me personally and professionally. We performed at a deployment in Brooklyn on Sunday and it was a real eye opening experience, I have dedicated my life to performing, these men and women have dedicated there's even more to serving their country. It really put life into serious perspective.

Aside from the singing of patriotic songs we have been getting to do a mixture of all sorts of different things from standards to disco to present day and In our official Launch night on Tuesday just there, My inner Music Superstar had definitely made it's way out into the limelight. So much so infact I am now working with a producer on a number of songs I am writing, with his help, and laying down some tracks, which is exciting. Also had some interest of various record labels and photographers wanting to work privately with me, so things seem to be moving a long nicely for me.

I have also been mingling and freelancing with a couple of Agents for both commercial and film work and my potential new Manager is determined to get me some great representation in the coming months, so fingers crossed for that.

Being in the city is definitely proving its worth. I feel like staying here is the right choice for me right now.

Jan 2008

I have already decided that I want to bring in 08 with in a new and completely different way for me....

I arrive back in NY at the beginning of Jan, I am already back up on my game, getting my website all up, sorting out and improving my audition material, constantly checking backstage and playbill, losing that last 6lbs and getting in shape, also recording my demo, finally! I am back on it this year!

I don’t want to unhealthily party in 08, I've been playing that game for years and quite frankly it is starting to get in the way, I have to be and am such a focused person and it just doesn’t do me any favors! I have so my party options being thrown at me from loadsa different angles but I really don't want to bring in the year that way...I have tickets for Edinburgh's street party which could be a lovely option, but if not I am more than happy to just sit alone, by myself, at home, curled up by the fire and welcome in the New year myself... there is just something so beautiful about that to me.... like its a sense of my independence coming back to me, I love the fact that I am more than happy to do that, just be content on my own, not caring what anyone thinks, not 'needing' anyone, I love it!- That's me!

I was telling my sister about this, this morning she just laughed at me and said "that is the saddest thing I have ever heard" but the more I think of it the more I am excited about bringing in 08 that way, I haven't had good new years since.... I can't even remember the last non drama, great new years I had...maybe cause it is how I have been celebrating them...actually that’s not fair, I did have a lovely 05-06 but that is kind of tied to bittersweet memories so that one gets written off... plus I wasn't by myself and single then so this is still new and better!

07 was a great year and almost a healing year for me, but this whole time it has just felt like its been preparing me and it has almost been a bridge for something greater in 08....and I am getting prepared as much as I possibly can to be on my A game and ready to take on everything that comes my way and be as healthily and grounded as I possibly can be! Continuing to meet and surround myself with these great people that I seem to find, (or they find me...I don’t know?!)... be the best person I can be, try making better choices, always doing something to better my career, being completely focused on my goals, continuing to rehearse, research, meditate, travel, work, give back, help people and settle down a little bit.... maybe even open my heart somewhat to someone...(that could be pushing it!!!) I am almost 23 and I have had my 2 years of being a slightly immature and to be honest a muppet….I have been lucky and been working too but now I think I am ready to grow up again and step it all up a notch. Take it to the next level!

I have the option of two shows this year one is joining Girls Night the Musical’s, National Tour and the other is continuing with Shout!. However, I am also very excited to get back into the City and start auditioning again and to start working and focusing on new projects, breaking into the film Industry, commercial side of music and continuing meet great and inspirational people… I am very excited for 2008!

Have a Happy New Year Everyone and I hope 08 brings you what you work and wish for!!!