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Massachusettes Republican; Oct 13th 2007;

Songs such as the Petula Clark gem "Don't give up" added a layer of sophistication to the show, that's not to say numbers like "To Sir, With Love" and "Son of a preacher man" weren't welcome. Actually, the latter tune, performed by Yellow (Holly Burton) was a highlight, as was "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" sung by Orange (Georgia Hair.) Hair, Infact was a standout in a cast of solid performers. Burton, Hair, Nancy Emerson, Lauren Fijol and Toni Carrington could all sing and act wonderfully, but Hair exuded an extra glow.

Daily Express, Feb 23rd 2007;

A YOUNG Scottish actress who landed a scholarship at one of the worlds most prestigious theatre schools is wowing US audiences on her first tour. Critics have hailed Georgia Hair as "an exciting free spirit" and promised her as the new Doris Day for her role in the Sixties-inspired musical Shout!

Daily Mail 2005:

"Georgia has got something special, That X-Factor"

Victoria Lang Co-President of PLUS Entertainment:

"I have been producing theatre, film, and television for 30 years and rarely have I seen a talent as Unique as Ms. Hair's. She is what we call a "triple threat." Georgia is a gifted actress, a sublime dancer and brilliant singer. I have sat through endless hours of auditions with hundreds and hundreds of actors, and when I saw Georgia, I immediately chose her. I feel very fortunate that I found an artist with her maginificent skill set, as it is evident that she will continue making significant contributions to the arts for many years to come. As a versatile producer with many years of experience in spotting talent, I must say that Ms. Hair possesses that magnificent star quality that truly sets her apart from most in her field."

Mark Schwartz President Masque Productions INC.

"I have worked with many singers and performers in the course of my career, and I have no hessitation when I rank Georgia Hair among the very top of her field. She is a dynamic and versatile singer, and a vital asset to any production she is involved in. Georgia's most recent performance in the musical SHOUT is nothing short of exceptional. "